The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) – Regulation 4 places an explicit “Duty to Manage” asbestos in non-domestic premises. Essentially this requires all facets of asbestos to be directly governed to prevent harm to anyone who works or occupies the building.

From your initial approach via a policy statement, contractors’s you employ, to the way in which you tell the occupants, our team of specialist consultants can help you develop a holistic strategy for compliance in the form of an Asbestos Management Plan.

If damaged asbestos is present, this will need to be controlled to prevent the spread of asbestos. ASP will assist in the project design specification, adherence to the asbestos licensing regime, producing tender documents and assuming the role of principal designer under CDM 2015 for the asbestos element of the project works.

We have packages to fit all budgets, so the ASP consultants can help any size organisations with compliance.

Our asbestos consultancy service includes

Our asbestos consultancy service includes:

  • Compliance reviews (including existing information and policies)
  • Compliance audits
  • Development of a Policy Statement and Asbestos Management Plan
  • Independent and impartial advice on asbestos risk
  • Recommendations on the type removal process required
  • Remediation Project Design
  • Assuming the role of principal designer under CDM 2015
  • Auditing of licensed asbestos removal contractors
  • Asbestos specifications for works tenders
  • Long term project management